About Me

My name is Amarilis. I am 39 years young, mother of two gorgeous daughters. I am also a Mimi (we do not utter the word grandma, in this house). My daughter Genesis is 21-year-old. She is beautiful and smart and a hard-working mama, she has blessed me with two grandchildren. Mysiauh (pronounced Messiah, they wanted it to be different… But WHY??) he is the sweetest happiest active boy. He has brought some much-needed testosterone to a house full of three women. HALLELUJAH! Sofia is my real life cabbage patch doll. She is turning one year old in July. My baby (I know, she is not a baby, but will always be to me) Gianna has just turned 16. My beautiful dancer. She is growing into a beautiful young woman. She is determined to go to college, travel the world, and maybe have some children one day after she has accomplished her goals and explored some dreams.

I am currently a customer service representative, for an insurance provider. I am grateful for the gainful employment but do hope to transition into my purpose. Better late than never right? I don’t know exactly what it is but I do know that God I preparing me for it. I know this to be true, I can feel the change and I welcome it.

My life is crazy busy!! I work like tons of hours, single mama trying to move on up to the East Side, like The Jefferson’s. My love life is currently under construction. That I will leave in the hands of God, because what I am doing must not be working. I will patiently wait on His timing.

Well, enough about me… For now! I hope that I have been able to give you a small glimpse of me and my little familia. I hope that you enjoy, comment and share share share my blog.

Love, Amarilis